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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Shimmer nationals vids

DW misses- one, in the final of EA (her bad direction). Don't think it was called, but it should have been. Quite a few were higher than I would have liked (mainly the turns). We have been working on this in training and her R turns are pretty good now. L turns still seem to be much harder for her for some reason..
AF misses- one, in the 2nd EA heat (shown on the vids). She finds collected entrances to the AF hard as her first stride tends to be too short coming from collection. This one was particularly hard as I had to leave her and run around the tunnel.
She still doesn't turn very well, and I don't know how much that will improve as I think it is structural (hips and possibly build), as she never turns tightly of her own choice. We do lots of stretching/flexibility stuff but at the end of the day she can only do what she can do!
Overall was very pleased with the way she coped with the whole experience.. flying, living in the car, competing inside on a difficult surface (the sand was slippery and hard to run on, IMO) and still staying focussed on me and her job. The first time she went down that long steep staircase into the indoor arena she must have been thinking 'where the heck am I?' but she was more than happy to tug and play agility with me. Can't beat her attitude that's for sure. I love the Big Dog!

Kindly taped and uploaded by Karen. 

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