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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Terra Nationals vids

Looking at her, its hard to believe that we have had her last nationals. Never again will I have the joy of stepping up to the start line with her at the finals, with everything to prove, and the belief that if we have a good run we could do it. She still looks very fast, and happy, and unless you know her really well, you probably won't see the shortened stride between jumps that once would have been bounced, the hesitation over the A Frame and down the dog walk, and just the special Terra spark that has definitely dimmed. Looking at her, you also probably wouldn't see a dog with allergic lung disease and a bad back. You would see she has a massive heart, and immense biddability, as she yet again rose to the nationals challenge to prove she is the best in Australia, for the forth time. Winning the most competitive class at the nationals (over 250 entries), it is singularly downplaying my emotions to say I am VERY proud of her, and the team we were throughout her career.
Terra is now in semi-retirement, she might come out for the odd trial, but I am not willing to risk her future comfort by continuing to run her in agility. She has been such a dominant dog in both WA and Australian dog agility, and I am not sure her achievements will ever be eclipsed. Such a Super Star. Lucky lucky LUCKY me.

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  1. Terra is indeed a massive superstar. For such a long time she has been the benchmark for us in Perth and the dog who everyone wanted to beat but very rarely managed to. Enjoy your retirement Terra we will miss you in the agility ring.