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Friday, December 7, 2012

Jump, Red Dog, Jump!

Rosi's training is continuing in earnest, and I am still LOVING this dog. So enthusiastic and great ground speed and drive. We have been working a bit on everything, from weave entries, to foot targeting and nose targeting. And jumping, yes, not that it always shows! We are continuing to talk about the importance of the bars being left *up*.. even though it may not be the fastest way to complete the exercise. Uh-hum!
Below is a you tube clip kindly taken by Karen, showing that there is still *lots* of work to go with the whole jumping issue! But so SO much fun..

I only have a week left at home, and there are lots and lots of jobs to get through before we go off on our big   holiday. The dogs are all going down to the farm for their own holiday/sheepdog adventure. Rosi will go on sheep for the 1st time, and hopefully Ink will have some more exposure as well. Hopefully Ink's pesky psoas will complete its healing (taking *such* a long time!) and next year, at some stage, I will have both Ink and Red Dog Debuting in the ring. Next year will also be Terra's last agility year, and I only plan on doing a few trials with her (probably the Classic, States and Royal). I am unsure how much agility Shimmer will be doing, will depend on how sound I manage to keep her.

I might not post again until 2013 now, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! I will return with a new name to see in the new year :)

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