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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wicked Hounds Live!


The fabulous funky collars that Mike has designed have finally hit the web. My dogs have been wearing these  collars for a while, and I love them. Designed to help protect the delicate trachea when the dog is walked on lead, they also swing round to look like a bandana when the lead is not attached.

One of the things I like, is that they are really wide which makes them easy to grab (which I do all the time!) When holding the dog back in a restrain, before starting training, it is nice to NOT have a narrow strip of material that digs into the dogs neck. Great for active dogs!

Shimmer modelling the collar attached to lead, showing the unique throat-protecting design

The leads are designed to disperse the load of the dog pulling on your hand (not that *my* dogs would ever pull.. ha yeah right). They are comfortable and really do make a difference with the pressure! 

www.wickedhounds.com - come and check us out! 

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