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Thursday, March 7, 2013

..or better!

Further to my last post about our 2nd place win in the Teams Agility, the results were rechecked and found to be incorrect..in fact we actually won! So Masters and Apprentices 1st place teams agility at the western classic. Yay! (unfortunately no placing in jumping).

Gary has kindly just sent me the vid he shot of Terra winning Open Jumping at the nationals, which is shot at a much better angle than the one taken by Simone and previously published. See vid below (thanks Gary!)

This was Terra's 5th national final win..masters jumping in Adelaide, followed by masters jumping again in Melbourne (and 2nd masters agility), open jumping AND open agility in Perth, then open jumping again in Sydney (and 2nd masters agility).
She is now very close to retirement.. just running for fun as those with younger and fitter bodies have overtaken her (they can't beat her mind though, never seen such a willing and biddable dog). Absolutely love my Terra-Bear.. who is now happily sharing her time between stalking the cat at our place and being pampered at Penny's (as usual!)

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