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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Teams Fun

Monday night saw the Western Classic wrap up with the teams event, for both agility and jumping.
Our team the Masters and Apprentices consisted of Terra, Sonic and Spryte (run by Karen not Simone) as the 'masters' and Shim and Ink (reserve) as the 'apprentices'. The team did pretty well, with only 3 faults in 8 rounds, and Shim did very well with 2 clears! We came 2nd in agility and 3rd in jumping.
Both courses were nice, the agility course particularly was lovely, nice open and flowing with a nice fast DW exit. A really nice course for a baby dog to get some confidence on, thank you very much to the judge!
Below are Shim's, Ink's and Terra's teams agility runs.The AFs of both my running contact girls looked a little on the high side, so I will be doing some work on this.

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