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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red Dog turns and Paps (also red)

I have known for awhile Red's turns when she is highly aroused are not the best..W-I-D-E. She turns quite well in the park at home, but out and about at training etc this is a different story. Actually, her performance under higher arousal circumstances altogether is not the best. So I rejoined Northern Suburbs and joined Eden Hill, hoping to replicate her state of mind when she trials. After the 1st training session it was blatantly clear we needed to work on turns much more. I dug out Silvia's Cik/Cap and re-watched it then reworked her foundation according to her instructions. Luckily, I saw results very quickly, and the last 2 training sessions have shown a marked improvement in her turning ability (previously her preference was to jump straight, then think about turning in the several meters after the jump). Hopefully it will carry over to the trial ring..we shall see shortly (we have a trial on Sunday).

Why worry about turns? Going straight is so much faster!

As for the pappy-pants.. so many people have been asking me how he is going. Still *very* hit and miss. And unlike the border collies, when he is 'miss' he is completely miss..as in does not want to train at all! Not something I am used to, having to think outside the square with him. The biggest difference I am noticing at the moment is the problem with changing environments. He is (almost) always happy to train inside (as long as he is not sulking for some pappy-determined reason), but outside is a *whole* 'nother story. He has JUST started retrieving his ball on the grass (I have not been able to get him to even walk on the grass in my garden prior to this!) He is extremely moody and temperamental as to whether he will deign to train or not.. as Mike says at the moment the stars and moon have to be in alignment. Not really what I envisaged, but certainly a challenge. Hopefully the inside brave happy pappy will morph into the pappy that can do it inside AND out.. as I can't see agility becoming a living room challenge anytime soon!
Today was a happy-pappy day..so he had a go at the AF that was up for the Red Dog. Clip below

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