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Sunday, October 27, 2013

ACWA trial.. hot

Yesterday we had our last day trial for the year.Just as well, really, as it was really hot and borderline quite unpleasant. We had fun, though, and I was *really* pleased with my Red Dog.
Novice Agility was up 1st, and she had a lovely run, really paw-perfect. I was driving to try and get a blind cross after the A-Frame, and thanks to her nice stopped Dog Walk, I managed it without any problems.. NOT late! Hooray! I did a really long lead out to start with (actually couldn't see her at the start), as I wanted to control the table ascent. 2nd agility pass for her, vid below (thanks Karen!)

She had a good go at open jumping, for the 1st time, and did OK. No passes, but partly due to slightly ambigious handling on my behalf, looking at the vid back. 1 bar down, unsure why. Then in novice jumping I wasnt quite as on top of her as I needed, assuming she would come round with me and take the closest tunnel, instead she kept driving and took a further tunnel. DQ, however her turning was MUCH better! Again, hooray! Very pleased. Vid below (thanks Colin this time)

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