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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

End of the trialling year

Only one more trial to go, then the dogs go on Christmas break. Well Red does anyway, the others have been on a very long break! I have had 2 trials since my last post, no passes in novice thanks to little errors, but she had a nice win in open jumping for her first pass.

Ink was diagnosed with an inflammed pectineus muscle and treated with trigger point therapy..unsure how successful that has been yet. She had a run in class at Eden Hill the other day and really enjoyed it, although I only ran her on 400. Mike will probably be taking her over next year, so hopefully they can enjoy some agility fun together. She is a good speed for a beginning handler and with most things pretty well trained hopefully they will have some success, as long as she stays sound..

Shim is also back! Hooray! I ran the Big Dog at Northern Suburbs last night, and she was VERY happy to be back. Contacts looked good (her A Frame is so nice and natural, its lovely not to have to worry about her hitting the upside too hard). Once again she cannot turn for anything, but I dont think this is going to change. I am very much looking forward to having her back in the ring next year.

Tex is doing what pappy's do best.. pretty much whatever they feel like. Again he is training reasonably in the garden, but I cannot get him to do anything outside our gates. Why people say papillons are like border collies I do not know.. mine certainly isn't! Hopefully he just needs some more maturity.. we will continue to do whatever he wants to do, there is no forcing the pappy-pants.

Red will be off after the last trial, for a good months break from training and competing. Her first trial back will be at Albany, I am hoping this will be in excellent but she only has 1 chance left this year to get her final passes needed for novice. Either way, we will have fun, that is for sure!

Here is her open jumping win a couple of weeks ago:

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