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Thursday, November 7, 2013

This and That..

Can't believe we are in November already..shortly Christmas.
Ink is so lame, really makes me sad. Was trying to do just some very back-chained DW plank work with her this morning to the manners minder, 3/4 of the way down the plank so she had no speed. She did a couple of reps, and then pinned her ears back and looked at me 'no, that hurts'. She is having an ultrasound of her gastroc and psoas muscles on Monday, to hopefully give me an answer as to what is going on.. she has been unsound for around 12 months now, I think. Never really recovered after her inital psoas strain, although she seems to be lame on her LHS this time, and the original psoas sprain was on the RHS. Poor dog has been leash walked forever... and at this stage I am not sure if she will ever be able to come back to agility. Her body doesn't seem to be able to take it.. as much as she would like to do it. Sad... :((((((((

On the positive side, Shimmer seems to be a lot better. No longer non weight bearing on her LH, and we have started letting her have brief runs in the park again, much to her delight! Her gastroc strain seems to (touch wood) have recovered. She will spend the summer getting her muscle strength back, hopefully to return to trialling next year (at a low level recreational level only).

Yep, dogs do it tough at our house! 

Tex... well unfortunately Tex has gone downhill as well. He doesn't seem to want to play agility anymore. Not sure what happened, he was doing very short sequences happily in the park 6 weeks ago, now I can't seem to get him to do anything at all outside. Inside he will play, and train, but outside- nope. Topped off yesterday afternoon when I put a tunnel and a jump for him and he ran in the tunnel and hid in the middle, refusing to come out. Dunno what is going on in his mind, but I am not playing agility with a dog that doesn't want to. That's not fun for either person or dog! 

You do realise I have been bred to sit on your lap for the last 500 years.. and I hate walking on the grass!

My Red Dog is still going well, thankfully! I am happy with all of her equipment apart from the A-Frame now and I am looking forward to trialling her next year. We have 3 trials left this year, hopefully she can manage to finish off her AD and JD (needs 1 leg of each), and can start next year in excellent, where I suspect she will end up for the nationals. She will have a nice rest over the christmas period, ready to start work again in Feburary. She has been working hard, and her body needs a break. Such a fun girl, I love her to pieces! Very glad my parents got her (even if it involved a little bit of deception!!) 
From very cute red puppy to Super Red Dog!
In other very exciting news, Clean Run have decided they are going to stock our Wicked Hound Sports Collars! Clean Run is the premier destination for everything agility-related, so it is very exciting. So, come Dec 1 they will have a range of our collars, hopefully people will like them and buy them! I absolutely love them,  both from a functionality and looks point of view, and my dogs don't wear anything else. 

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