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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1st trial of the year

A couple of weeks ago we had the 1st trial of the year. I had all 3 dogs in both events (no opens at this trial). By and large I was pretty happy with all of them.
Red didn't decelerate enough to get into the weavers in novice agility, then knocked the spread. However, her dog walk was fabulous, 1st time in a trial situation she has stopped straight away without big prompting. So yay for that! Vid below:

She had her 1st go in excellent, with excellent jumping. It was a hard course that was very similar to the masters course run before it and I wasn't confident walking the course. However she made a really good job of it! She did go off course 1/2 way through, but looking at the vid slowed down it was due to my inappropriately flung out arm and no checking in with her as she had a number of options. She did a hard rear cross on the flat and read it well, and I just about managed to get my blind cross in at the start. Vid below:

Shim also did well. Excellent agility was a shame, I didn't push hard enough on her line to convince her the tunnel straight in front of her was, in fact the correct obstacle, and she came with me for the hard entry. Rest was great, contacts good apart from some hesitation on the See-Saw (probably due to the lead out). Masters jumping I was also happy with, until I ran out of breath. No excuses.. need to get fitter, although this is very much hampered by my torn hamstring that I am not supposed to be running on at all.
Vid of EA below:

And Ink.. Ink tried hard. Just knocked the spread in EA, her 1st go in excellent, surprisingly getting her contacts despite having to clue what to do. EJ I didn't handle her very well and she went off course. Hmm think there is a bit of a theme happening here.. poor dogs, I will get it together I promise! Pretty sure she is sore though, she has reverted to being very tentative and hesitant in her jumping, putting lots of extra strides in. Seems to be sore on her muscles between her knee and hip..despite ultrasounding her in that area still no diagnosis which is so frustrating. Haven't entered her in anything in March and thinking very seriously about stopping altogether with her.

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