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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last weekend saw the whole family pack up and go down to green, mild, sunny Albany. We loved it down there! The weather was fabulous, so much cooler than Perth, it was a treat to sit out on the deck in the evening in our lovely little cottage, wearing a jacket! (Bear in mind, anyone reading this who is not in Perth, our temperatures have been at 35+ degrees for weeks on end now. Horrible.)
We had fun exploring Albany, including some old forts with a fabulous view, and some stunning dog friendly beaches. Tex had his 1st run on a beach.. he was quite brave, not fussed by the waves, and being dumped several times.
Results wise we did not have a good time. Only 1 clear round, and that was Shimmer in MJ- actually her 1st clear. Vid below thanks to Karen:

Pretty much all the round were 1 fault wonders.. and I think all the faults were bars down! No secret what we apparently need to work on. I also had a bit of a wake-up call in regards to my own fitness.. I haven't
been exercising much myself apart from walking, as I have a torn hamstring that needs surgery and the physio recommended against running. However, this has meant a massive loss in my fitness, and I was not able to get where I needed to on course, esp with Red Dog. Analysis of the videos revealed a lot of late front crosses. Yuck. So.. I will start a little bit of running again and hope that helps the situation.
Vid below of one of Red's runs, and one of Ink's.

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