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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Super Red Dog!

Last Saturday we had our last night trial, run by the Agility Club of WA.
I am pleased to report the Red Dog had a really good night, with running 3 out of 4 runs clear! Open Agility we got a refusal that was entirely my fault, so really she made *no* errors all night. What a good baby dog!
She got 1st place in Excellent Agility and Jumping, and just got beaten into second in Open Jumping by her 1/2 sister running on 400. Shimmer managed a clear and wide (as per usual) run in Masters Jumping for her 2nd pass, and 4th place. So a good night for all.
Here are Red's runs thanks again to Karen:

I was particularly pleased with her turns, by and large, she is starting to actually turn over the bar more and more, as opposed to miles after it. It is still very much a work in progress as her turning ability is *not* her strong point!
I don't have the Big Dog's run on tape, however here is her clear from a few weeks ago in Excellent Agility (1st place)

I have entered all 3 dogs in the State Agility trial, which will make it very busy for me. So Ink has been doing a little bit as well.. but she is still not pulling up that well :( After the States, I am only entering Red in trials until we go to the nationals. I want to concentrate on her, and I want her to be used to being at the trials by herself, as I am only taking her to nationals. It was also hideously expensive entering 3 dogs in the states (well over $200) so this will bring it back a bit.

As for a Tex update.. he is still governed by the flow of the breeze on his ears.. sometimes we have good days and he wants to play. Here is a very short clip of one of those days!

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