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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Western Classic

Western Classic 2014 has come and gone.. it is the first 'big' trial of the year, one of the 'big 3' (with the others being the states and the royal).
This year I had Red Dog in the teams event on the Sunday night, with Savvy, Beau and Cassie running for the 'Masters and the Apprentices'. This was Red's first time in the team and she did a fabulous job with 2 lovely clears. Unfortunately the others didn't have as much luck, but we still managed a 3rd place in the agility team. Runs below thanks to Karen:

Monday night was individuals and my main goal was to get Red OUT of novice agility! Haha. She had been sitting on 2 NA passes for awhile and I felt it was time she got into excellent agility. I am happy to say she obliged with a really lovely run, 1st place 500 and 1st place overall. Yay Red Dog!
Here is a pic of her posing in an very unimpressed manner..

Photo: For Judy, Ellie.. Red Dog won Novice Agility last night (500 and overall) for her title..yay!

Shimmer unfortunately had 2 lovely runs, one in MJ and the other in EA (she also needs one for her title).. but both runs with 1 bar down.
Ink had a go and managed a clear in EA for a very close 2nd place:

Overall I was pleased with our results.
In other news, I have decided after lots of discussion with my husband, not to breed Rosi this year. Realistically it is too soon for us to get another dog as they are all fairly young.
We are going to wait 2 years, we think, and then look at breeding her after the adelaide nationals in 2016. That will bring the ages of the dogs in the house to 7,6 and 3 (and Rosi will be 4 or 5), and I will be well and truly ready for a new puppy then. In the meantime I will keep enjoying Red, Shim and Ink, and maybe Tex..who knows!

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