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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Masters dog, Tex updates.. and.. PUPPIES!

Last Saturday Red Dog had her 1st go at masters level courses. I was feeling like we are not quite ready yet.. this is my 'baby' dog (well, she is only 2) and masters is where all the 'big' dogs are.. plus it has been a long time since I have run masters agility (not since Terra retired).
So, no expectations but I was really looking forward to tackling the courses with my crazy red girl.
Masters agility was 1st, and the course was pretty nice, lots of handling but fairly spread out. It was going great guns with Red reading all the threadle cues, nailing her contacts and weavers and keeping her bars up... until 4 jumps before the finish, she spotted her lead hanging up and took the straightest, quickest line to get there. Oops! 'But, I thoughted we woz FINISHED, Mum!' ..After she came back we finished the course with no other issues, with a really good attempt. Masters Jumping was harder, and resulted in another DQ with an off course jump. I thought she would automatically check in with me, so I didn't call her coming out of the tunnel. She didn't hear anything, so took the jump straight in front of her. I need to try and remember to keep talking to her to get her to check in.. Terra was amazing at always checking in with me, but Red Dog is not Terra, and I need to learn and adjust. Still pleased with her efforts though.
Here is her masters agility run (taped by Karen):

I continue to try and train Tex.. and it goes in cycles whether it is going well or otherwise.
Ink is officially retired from agility (she is not even really sound with everyday life/running around), and Shim is still not sound either from her gastroc tear. Unsure if she will come back. So, as I need someone else to train, Tex is it. Somedays he humours me. He has started his weavers, and is upto 6 poles pretty much in a straight line. Think we will be working on that for quite awhile before I add the other 6. He is training down at Northern Suburbs now on Wednesday nights, and is starting to look a little bit more confident there. He is SUPER environmentally sensitive and changes really bother him. If we could do agility in my lounge room (preferably on carpet or a soft fabric), he would be in heaven! He really is a funny little dog.. different surfaces really bother him as well. He still wont walk (let alone train) on some wet grass.. yet other wet grass is OK. Still unsure if he will make it into the ring, but he is a master cuddler if not.

I guess the big news is.. I have changed my mind (again!) and decided to breed Red this year, afterall.
Due to a combination of factors, some personal, but the main one being her age. She will be 3 in September, which really means she needs to have her 1st (and only) litter in the next 12 months or so, to minimise health risks to her, and the pups. I was planning on breeding her next year, but that will take time out of her trialling, and the nationals in 2016 are fairly early on. I want to try and give her as much experience at masters level as possible so having her out with pups for 3+ months is not ideal. And, if I wait until after the nats, she will be 5.5 by the time she has the pups, which gives me one chance only. If she misses (doesnt get pregnant), that will be it as I am absolutely not risking her health. So, hopefully she comes in end Oct/Nov and she will be bred then, meaning only a few trials at the end of the year she would miss. Finally, I do feel like I need another BC pup as I would like 2.
I haven't confirmed the stud dog yet, but I am going down to look at a very nice dog on Friday. I am looking for a dog to complement Red's structural weakness (her short sharply sloping pelvis).
I will accept expressions of interest for pups at this stage, please email me privately on Kriszty@bigpond.net.au

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