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Friday, August 29, 2014

Masters dog, Tex weaving update, puppy update

Red Dog is now well and truely competing in masters.. we had a triple header  last weekend, which gave her her 2nd, 3rd and 4th go at masters courses. We had a great time! We came away with one clear (2nd by less than 1 second with a very w-i-d-e section up the back), and a lot of very near misses. Our misses were due to bars, or the handler handling the end of the course badly. Oops. She had one go with Daisy Peel who was here to give a seminar, but she ran *really* slowly and was not too happy about it, so I probably won't hand her over again. No issues if she just wants to run with me!
Here is her 2nd place run:

We enjoyed the Daisy Peel seminar, especially the Sunday morning session. Daisy was discussing positional cues and I *really* saw what she meant when I looked back at my Saturday videos. Looks like I am inadvertently pushing her wide at times, something I will have to watch carefully.

Now onto Tex.. he is still hit and miss in the training department (not so much the pet department though, I have to admit I really love my cuddly-pappy-boy. He gets 10/10 for that!)
He is weaving 6 poles now! Hooray! I didnt think I would ever be able to teach him to weave.. obviously we havent attempted 12 yet, but possibly next week. The 2x2s ended up working well for him.. I was thinking about using channels, but there are just too many possibilities to be 'wrong' doing that, whereas the 2x2s breaks it down into little tiny pieces. He is happily jumping the poles, and is not too bad with entries either (much more work needed, but he will never be as independent as my BCs, and thats OK.) Might try 12 poles next week, will get a vid if he manages it.

I am pleased to say I have found a really nice stud dog for Rosi.. however she has come back as a carrier for CEA, so he has to be tested. Apparently the CEA carrier rate is really high in australian bred working border collies, so I am crossing my fingers he is clear. Not sure what I will do if he is not..

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