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Monday, October 6, 2014

Royal Show and Pappy Online Course

The royal show has been and gone again.. every year I think I won't bother entering, and yet every year I do. It is a hassle, without a doubt. Difficult to get in, (very) difficult to get out (this year!) and long days. However it has such a great atmosphere.. something we don't get at any other trial. Having such a lot of people crowded round to watch, having the dogs amp up thinking the people are there just for THEM. Rosi loved it! We had teams on the Saturday and she put in a few good runs, one not so good when I got behind. Managed a 2nd in the jumping. Then Monday was the individuals. Rosi had sussed it all out by then and was VERY keen and trying to drag me into the ring. We had no luck in the agility but she did a blitzer of a run in Open Jumping to win the class on 20.2 seconds. Winnings photo seen and run below (thanks to Sue H for videoing and sending to me!):

In other news, I have signed Tex up to an online course with Denise Fenzi called 'But I'm only little!' Very appropriate for him as that is his catch cry. We are only 1 week in but I am really enjoying it, Denise is giving very quick feedback which I always enjoy. Hopefully that will help me be able to get him feeling comfortable and secure enough to run as fast as he can. He is doing pretty well with his agility, he has done his weavers at 4 different areas so far successfully. I am working on the See Saw at the moment as he was just walking across and waiting for it to tip and then walking down. Not the sort of performance I am after. So we have worked that this week and it is already much better. See vid below.

Otherwise we are trying to enjoy the last of the cooler weather before summer hits.. I HATE Perth summer. Would gladly migrate to Tasmania or New Zealand or somewhere to miss it..

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