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Saturday, September 13, 2014

1st Masters Win!

Yesterday we had a nice sunny trial at Gosnells Dog Club.. and we came away with our 1st masters win! Red Dog tried super hard in a relatively tricky course, that included me having to do-si-do on her in the weavers because I was on the wrong side.. had to run out and blind cross her, then move backwards (while she was moving forwards) on the other side to get in the right position for the next jump. Good girl! So that gave us the win. She tried really hard in masters jumping as well and turned well.. just had the 2nd last bar down. No vid but here is a pic of her rosette

There has been a change in plans with the pups as well.. the stud dog I wanted to use has turned out to be a CEA carrier, as well. So I can't use him, and I have decided to postpone again. Really I just want to enjoy the (young) dogs I have now, and worry about another one after the next nationals in 2 years. I definitely WILL be breeding her, just not now. My next puppy will be my last for the forseeable future, so I want to make sure I get it at a time when I really want one and am ready to devote lots of time to him/her.
Hopefully Tex turns out and I will have him and Red to play with.. and I might bring Shim back in and see how her body goes (at a limited level). Lots more fun to have yet!

I have been enjoying watching the FCIs this weekend.. great competition and great handling from team after team. The contacts seemed to have improved a lot this year, although as always there is some funky jumping happening esp with the border collies in large. I think a lot of that is the height of the jumps.. 650 is just too high, in my opinion. The medium dogs seem to jump much better and more fluidly as they are much closer to their wither heights. I am VERY glad our dogs don't have to jump 650, I like the 500 height just fine. Its also nice we have the large number of heights.. 200 works for Tex and I would not be keen for him to jump any higher. He got measured at the last trial, at just under 26cm, so he is officially a 200 now (not that there was any doubt!)

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