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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Broken dogs, Wicked Hounds Collars

Well I suppose it has been a little while since I blogged about my broken dogs.. and, true to form, they have continued having issues. Shimmer was a whisker away from going to Murdoch Veterinary Hospital for a full work up on her L shoulder (ultrasound under GA, CT and possible scope). She has been lame on the LF for the last couple of months (really lame. Non weight bearing for a few steps when she got up lame!) I took her in to see the lovely and patient Dr Glyde a month or so ago and he couldn't really find anything on her, so told me to continue to rest her, but that if it continued he was suspicious of a biceps tendon tear that would require surgery. So we gave her another months rest, and she was still quite lame. Booked her in for the complete work up, and then all of a sudden she was markedly LESS lame. Culminating in the morning she was due to go in, I told Mike to take her for a good RUN, with the thought that that would make her very lame, so easier to diagnose. Except it didn't. I rang Dr Glyde and he said to 'call off the dogs' (as Mike was on his way driving her to Murdoch) and to continue to rest her. So that's what we are doing.. she is still a little lame when she gets up, but much less than she was, so hopefully whatever muscle is bothering her is improving. She is glad to be able to run again.

Not to be outdone, the Red Dog 2 days ago also pulled up lame on her L hind. She has had a bit of niggly pain in her gastroc muscle that has responded well to dry needling (both by me and Dr Nook). But 2 days ago she refused to lie down in her body awareness exercises, and then wouldn't stand at all in her diagnonal leg lifts. She seems painful there again and hasn't responded to dry needling this time. So as I am not taking any risks with her, she is booked in to have an ultrasound with Dr Longsdale on Saturday and she has a Deb Nook appointment next Friday. Until then it is leash walks for her.. not good timing with the States being only a couple of weeks away. And now no dog to train for me :(

Wicked Hound collars have been going well. We were contacted by a supplier in the U.K who wanted to take them to Crufts, and we had a great response there. Since then we have been contacted by several flyball teams for custom team collars. They love the design and appreciate the sparing on the dogs' tracheas (and, after watching flyball at Crufts, I can understand why! Talk about restrained recalls!) We have a new custom section on the website, and also developed a new martingale design for those dogs that have quite long thin necks, or people who don't want clips. I absolutely love our collars.. even this morning when I was walking Red and all the other dogs were running there was minimal choking/pressure on her trachea despite some fairly hard pulling (she was very unamused).

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