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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cloverdale Trial

So it turned out that Red Dog's gastroc issues were just trigger points. The ultrasound actually showed them up, which was pretty cool. I treated them that night, then she was treated from tip-toe by Deb last Friday.
Shimmer also seems to be a lot better, no longer limping at all thank goodness.
Red  felt great on Saturday at the cloverdale trial!
No luck in either of her masters runs, but I was happy with both of them. I felt like I was attacking the course and handling more aggressively. For some reason she didn't go out to a pinwheel in masters agility, even though it looks like I told her to go out quite clearly. And then in masters jumping she had a bar.. but looking at the video I think I didn't quite get out of my front cross quickly enough and obscured the bar until the last second, causing her to drop it. Sorry, Red Dog.
Tracey and I got it together in Strategic Pairs to finish off their novice title (which finishes all of her novice games titles), for a 1st place and a lovely run. Couldn't have anything else for the national champs ;)
Vids below, thanks to Karen as per usual. Love this dog!!

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