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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Terra!

My lovely Terra-Bear turns 11 today.. happily she is still healthy and happy. Her favourite past-times now are staring at the cat, attempting to (unsuccessfully) chase the frisbee in the park, and generally being very LOUD. She still spends 2+ days with us every week, the rest of the time she is at home with Penny and Pat. Such a lovely girl.. I am so lucky she came into my life! Some old agility pics below, and a quick Birthday selfie.

Since I last posted, the Red Dog has had the State trials, and another double header. The States were a bit of a disaster for us.. very nearly did not get in any finals at all. We had lots of errors all weekend, mainly bars, but also missing (simple) weave pole entrances and just generally being pretty average. Sat night she had us up all night with an upset stomach... Sunday was no improvement, she managed a (not pretty) clear in masters jumping to get us into the finals but she wasn't running well. And went off course in the final. Oh well, always next year... hopefully without an upset stomach! Below a couple of pics Mike took from the event.

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