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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stud Dog chosen!

Yes, I have chosen a stud dog for the Red Dog at last! And, he has passed all his health checks and his owner has kindly agreed to me using him.
The dog is Bauers Jetta AD JD, owned, trained and loved by Gina O'Keefe. I have liked this dog since I first saw him at training and I think he complements Rosi by being strong in the areas she is weak. He is very light on his feet and easy on his body, and has fantastic turning ability. He loves his agility but doesn't get so over-the-top it is hard for him to listen and he is very biddable.
Structure was a big concern for me as there are points in Rosi that I really want to try and improve on. The main one is her pelvis, I would like a much longer pelvis in her pups and Jetta has a lovely long sloping pelvis. Rosi is also a little roached in her topline (although this has improved significantly with physio) and Jetta has a normal non roached topline so hopefully this will be improved as well.
Rosi has a nice front end with good moderate bone and a good angulation of her upper arm, so hopefully she passes that on to the pups!
She will be bred when she next comes into season, as long as it is before the middle of October. I think it will be soon, I would guess within the next month.
Hopefully, we get pups! I am very excited about this pairing and raising a litter of pups myself. I will be doing ENS (early neurological stimulation), and lots of handling/playing with the pups, as well as exposing them to lots of different people, dogs, and surfaces. I am taking reservations for the litter now (on a first come first served basis). Please email: Kriszty@bigpond.net.au
Here is the website I have created for the (hopeful!) litter!

Here are some pics and runs of the lovely Jetta- handsome boy!

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