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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On our way..

Red Dog came into season about 10 days ago and I have been monitoring her cytology at work. On Monday I did a progesterone level and it was 2.6 which is just below being in oestrus (>3nmol). I will repeat it tomorrow or Friday and guess that she will be ready to breed by early next week (ovulation =16-20). I vaccinated her a few days ago to ensure optimum levels of maternal antibodies for the pups and attempted to worm her (she vomited it up so will have to try a different type).
She strained her gastroc muscle (in her knee) a few weeks ago, so has been on leash walking, which doesn't make her very happy. It seems to be progressing well, however if the pregnancy takes by the time she would be able to go back to normal activities she will need restriction due to pregnancy! I haven't told her that as that in case she tells Jetta where to go ;)
It is going to be a quiet time for me with no-one to train in agility.. unless the pappy changes his mind...

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