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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pupdates Day 11

Puppies are 11 days old tonight. No eyes  open yet, could come at any time now. They are getting more active and moving quite fast now, albeit on their bellies still.
Personality wise Styx is still boss pup. I think he will reach then 1kg mark tonight. He is very good at feeding and has no worries about knocking one of the others off a nipple that he wants.
Mist has pretty much caught upto Uber weight wise. She is also pretty good at feeding and has definitely started to come forward in the order.
Uber is the vocal boy. If one of them is talking there is a good chance it is him!
Fleet is still trailing, weight wise she is 300g lighter than Styx. She is doing well, though, and in the last day or so seems to be getting more determined about feeding. Very pretty girl and even though she is lighter than the others she is gaining weight everytime I weigh them.
ENS and ESI is going well. They have smelt honey, a tennis ball and a banana in addition to previous smells. They still pretty much hate the ENS but like ESI. After we do ENS/ESI I always make sure they have a good feed from Rosi as a reward. Then I get them out individually and we have cuddle time. I don't want them to think that human hands always = annoying stuff being done! Fleet is the biggest cuddler, she seems to enjoy the contact the most.
Rosi is still looking after them well. They are feeding approx every 2 hours and getting well cleaned. Hopefully she keeps it up!
I thought I might be able to cut their nails last night.. but they are too tiny still. Even with cat nail clippers! I will try again in a couple of days.
Vid below, pics to come shortly.





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