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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy 1 week Birthday, puppies!

As the babies turn 1 week old tonight, I managed to coerce Mike into another photoshoot.
Personality wise we have had some changes, mainly amongst the girls. Fleet seems to be falling behind a bit now. She is now 100g lighter than Mist and seems to fight less for the nipple. Very nice looking pup but possibly gives up a little (saying that she is still feeding well and gaining weight well, and she was 40g lighter than Mist at birth). The boys are still stronger than the girls with Styx being VERY much stronger. He was hard to photograph again as he was powering off the backdrop towards the camera. He is a very determined young man! Uber is lovely as well, bit calmer than his brother but still very strong.

Fleet- littlest girl

Uber- Mr Handsome
Styx on the move

Mist- not so ditsy anymore

Pile of puppies

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