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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pups nearly 3 weeks

Puppies are 3 weeks tomorrow night. They are becoming more awake and adventurous..this morning at 5am I heard a LOT of squawking. Went to investigate and Styx was 1/2 way across the tile floor, and Uber was also out of the pen. I had clipped the top of the pen shut, but apparently I have to lock the bottom as well! I am giving them a little bit of outside time in the mornings, Uber was quite confident and walking around a fair bit out there this morning. Little Fleet, although still the littlest, is the most voracious feeder now. Attacking those nipples like her life depends on it.. and always the 1st in. Maybe she knows she has a little more growing to do than the rest? Mist is starting to seek me out when I go into them (which happens..uh.. a lot), as well as Uber. The tricolour patches on Styx's cheeks are really starting to come out, think he will have a fair amount of brown on him. It appears that it is going to the honey type of brown, like his Daddy Jetta.
Pics are terrible, from my tablet. I will bully Mike into taking some more soon.

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