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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy 3 week birthday, puppies!

Pups are 3 weeks old, getting more mobile and adventurous by the day. This morning while they had their outside time both Styx and Uber managed to climb up a (large) step to where I was sitting. Go, boys!  I have just redecorated their puppy pen with some toys hung up, kind of like a mini adventure box. As soon as I hung them, they were exploring them and chewing. Still not convinced we have ears, except for possibly Styx who did startle a little at my test clap this morning. I will start playing the sounds CD anyway today.
So far surface wise they have been on the following: carpet, tiles, rubber, sand, grass, foam and pavement.
Rosi is continuing to be a very attentive Mother, cleaning and feeding well. She is not sure what she thinks of the toys coming from the sky, however!
Vid of 1st time they saw the toys up below. 3 week photo shoot coming this afternoon as it is a busy weekend for Mike and I.

Edited to add pics, enjoy!

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