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Thursday, December 10, 2015

5 week old puppies!

Another update without pics I'm afraid.. but letting you know what the pups have been doing. They have been busy! Weds night we added another 2 surfaces, they had a good play on the tarp that was placed so it was quite noisy. Then I added a corrugated steel door, and they all had a play on that as well.
They are all having a 'problem solving' and shaping session each day. At the moment the problem solving is a chain of balance cushions with the food being moved a little further each time (luring, I know, but its not in front of their noses). The shaping now has been starting crate training as two of the pups will be going on a plane. Fleet, Uber and Styx are going well, getting most of their bodies in the crate. Mist had a bit of a set back as she got growled at by Shimmer near the crate before the 1st session so she is not as sure.
All the pups are tugging, on everything. So much for holding off till 6 weeks!
They have been a little light on male visitors, so yesterday they met 3. It was a big afternoon for them!
More outings planned for the weekend and next week.
Rosi is continuing to be a model Mother.. feeding and playing with them well. Its lovely to see her enjoy them so much.
I will do a 5 week photo shoot soon.

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