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Saturday, December 12, 2015


OK for the puppy owners-to-be
Some vids of playing with the pups this morning.
Uber was asleep for the 1st session for breakfast, he had his go when he woke up but my videographer had enough.
Fleet got a bit scared by the dogs barking during her go, they all don't like dogs barking at the moment which is totally normal for 5 weeks. No other sounds worry them though.
Yesterday they were introduced to the pool.. they watched their mother swimming and Mist may have had an unplanned dip herself.
More visitors this morning, and tommorow morning we are going back to Pamela and Tom's.. by themselves this time. Off to another agility property later in the week so lots planned! I have my last shift at work on Tuesday and then I am off for a month.. so lots of time to do lots with my babies.
Enjoy the vids

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