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Thursday, December 17, 2015

6 weeks!

Wow time is going SO fast.. love these babies, they really are special and SO cute.. (of course I am not biased at all).
They have been busy, as usual. They come with us on some walks to the park, just a little way in to climb up/down the hill and explore different terrain. They went to an agility friends' property last night and saw some agility for the 1st time (not that they noticed much as they were wrapped up playing with a toy).
Mist meeting the lovely Angel
This week, as well as tugging, I introduced a little tiny bit of retrieving. They did very well yesterday, of course not as well today when the tape was on! This is also the week I will start rewarding for body handling, and doing some anti resource guarding exercises. The pups I think most likely to be going on the plane have been doing desensitisation work in the crate (chewing chicken necks). As they are very much on their feet and running around everywhere I have covered all my tiled area in rubber matting to avoid slipping. My garden has been cordoned off so they can't tackle any stairs, as they are not good for them under 12 weeks.
It is a very busy time of year with family and Christmas, so I might not be updating as much as I have been, but I promise the pups are still getting everything. I don't know how I am going to bear saying goodbye!
A show breeder friend has agreed to stack them for me in a weeks time, so I will post those pics here. Might have to wet them down as they have all of a sudden grown coat.. it does not look like they will be short coats after all.

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