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Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 5/6 photoshoot- Outside Fun

Introduced the pups to the paddling pool yesterday.. probably left it too late in the afternoon though, so they were not that into it (was not a warm day either). They had another busy day, went to visit the minis and Dash again in the morning, and out to dinner with us last night to a friends' house. Their 'man-handling' target has been very much increased, so I think we are OK there. Will find some more children in the next few days. They are starting to show a bit more interest in food.. but Rosi is still feeding them every few hours, including through the night (we found this out to our detriment when we tried to lock them away so they couldn't get out of the pen.. but then Red couldn't get in so we had a very wakeful night with indignant, hungry babies!)
Can't believe there is only 1 photo shoot to go.. less than 3 weeks left!

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