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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Decisions Made!

I took all the pups to Winpara Kennels today, Robyn Evans place, where she very kindly went over them all and stacked them for their 'structure shots'. Wow what a difference with a professional who knows what she is doing.. the boys stacked beautifully, first go. Fleet was not as good but not too bad and Mist was terrible. Haha, takes after her Mother. Her stacked shot isn't perfect as she really wasn't co-operating. Robyn confirmed my overall opinions about each pup and the litter as a whole. There have been BIG improvements in the pelvis's of all, compared to their Mother and I am really pleased about that. Mostly the toplines are much improved as well. Their fronts could be better, all could do with more shoulder layback, which would also improve their necks. Bone is mostly good. Overall, I am very pleased with them!

I have very much enjoyed the experience of raising the pups in combination with Rosi, and she has been such a good Mother it has made it pretty easy. They have done a lot and seen a lot, and I hope they turn out to be happy and healthy family pets and agility dogs.

So without further ado:

Wicked Tess  (Caroline Peek) 
Tess will be doing agility and herding

Wicked Groove (Julia Lewis-Lloyd)
Groove will be doing agility

Wicked Back In Black (Kriszty Kelly)
'Mist' will stay here.. pet name still to be decided! She will do agility 
Wicked Nothing Ventured (Denise Crook)  
Venture will be doing agility

Quick vid of their first swim, courtesy of Pamela! 

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