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Saturday, January 2, 2016

And then there was one..

Everyone keeps asking me if the house is quiet.. well, I suppose it is quietER but not sure a house with 4-6 dogs will ever be quiet! Love my Zen girl, she really is a nice pup. Would say she is probably medium drive at this point, she is a bit so-so with her food, but LOVES her toys. She will tug anywhere which is great and her retrieve is coming along as long as I manage the environment.. (ie. have it so she has nowhere to go but past me!) She is sleeping a lot which I had forgotten about.. as it has been 5 years since we have had a pup in the house. She has great plays with Tex, he thinks she is marvellous as she is still (just) smaller than him. Give it another few days..
It is lovely to hear Caroline, Julia and Denise are really enjoying their pups as well, and everyone seems happy with their confident, go-getter attitudes to life.
I bullied Mike into taking Zen's 8 week pics, in the park outside our house.

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