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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Happy 4 week birthday, puppies!

4 weeks tonight. For their birthday they got a new outside pen..and they were wormed, haha. Not too keen on the taste (its supposed to be chocolate..) The weather has been very hot and humid here so outside time has been a little limited. AND they have started eating solids. Moderately keen, they still prefer Mums' milk.
Yesterday I cut their nails again, all very good. Tomorrow Aunty Ellie is coming to see them, very excited as she lives in Sydney.
Sunday is going to be a busy day, with Caroline coming in the morning, then Aunty Karen for lunch then Izzy my riding instructor in the afternoon! Plus hopefully some more kid socialisation with the cricketers. Monday they go for their first car trip (apart from their birth of course...) Off to Pamela and Toms' lovely property in the Swan Valley, where they have a date with their super-cute toy poodle (and agility star in the making), Dash.  We are doing handling of body parts every day, and I have started taking them out into our park (in my arms), one at a time. Mist went first and she was quite overwhelmed, despite the park being empty. It will be interesting to see what they all think. I have decided not to tug with them until they are a bit older, maybe 6 weeks or so, although I encourage any interactions they have with the toys strung up for them.
Vid below, 1st time in the new pen!

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