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Monday, November 30, 2015

3.5 week old vid

Very boring vid, unless of course you are getting a pup! ;)
Pups are all getting more confident outside, still supervised and not out for very long periods, I bring them back in when they get tired.
Did their second nail trim and all were pretty well behaved. The sound CD is on as I type and no-one seems bothered by it.
Also did a weigh-in, results as follows:
Fleet 1.4 kg gain of 500g
Uber: 1.7kg gain of 600g
Mist 1.6kg gain of 500g
Styx 1.9kg gain of 600g

Happy that everyone is gaining about the same amount of weight, and it appears the boys are still winning the battle for milk! I checked all their hearts today and all sound normal. At 4 weeks (in 2 days) I will start to introduce some puppy food which will be their kibble soaked in hot water. The ratio of Calcium:Phosphorus is very important for the correct growth of bones and I was very surprised at the number of ('trendy', expensive, grain-free etc) foods that have wrong ratios. For optimum growth, especially for larger dogs, the ratio should be close to 1:1, with MAX 1.2 (calcium) to 1 (phosphorus). Rosi has been on black hawk, but I ended up buying eukanuba large breed puppy for the pups to wean onto.  Good ratio of Ca:P (1.1 :1) and chicken and turkey are listed as the 1st ingredient, NOT corn.

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