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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guess who is coming home next week..

We have been looking for a new puppy for my parents for a while now.. there was quite a list of criteria for this little pup!
Parents- 1) right colour- apricot or chocolate only (nothing that looks like Jess)
2) right coat length- no short coats allowed!
3) female

Me- 1) bred for the right reason- no colour breeders (and boy are there a lot of them out there!)
2) Nice stable temperamented parents

So thanks entirely to Sam we managed to locate a puppy that has ALL the above criteria! She is coming to join our extended family next week. Name yet to be decided. Will she do agility? Maybe.. depends on whether she wants to and how my dogs are going. Her purpose in life is to be a great companion to my parents. My sister Ellie will be doing all her foundation work..I am sure they will have a ball!

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