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Friday, October 7, 2011

Royal Show and More..

It's been quite a while since I updated this blog, due to Real Life getting in the way, and quite a few things have happened!
Firstly, two weeks ago I tripped over Ink, while training Shim, and broke my hand. So, another trip to the emergency department (Royal Perth this time!) to be given a stylish splint to wear for the next 6 weeks. Mike is getting slightly concerned by the recent tour of the Perth emergency departments we have undertaken (2 in 6 weeks!) and keeps asking me where I want to go next! So life has been made slightly more challenging with only one hand..as has dog training.

It was bad timing, with the royal show only 1 week after I broke it. 'No, Mum, of course I'm not going to run..' Or maybe I could just give it a try..cause Shim is just a baby dog and the experience is unlike any other..
So, we gave the royal a go, Team Crock this year- me with my hand, Shim with her normal issues and Terra, not to be outdone, decided to tear a nail! (actually she did it unbeknowst to me just before the last trial, she ran really slowly and I didn't find the injury until I was trimming her feet for the royal..bad owner!)

Shim had the first run in NA, slightly overwhelmed by the crowds and noise, ran cautiously but coped pretty well, faulted at the weavers. Terra ran next, in MA, and I was expecting her to come out slowly as well. Except she didn't. And my reaction time was way too slow, and I sent her off course. Bother. OJ had a horrible distance challenge, that only 1 dog got. Terra is not a distance dog, and I was too slow AGAIN. Would like to blame it on the splint.. ha. Luckily I finally got it together in MJ and she absolutely nailed the course, to win by over 8 seconds. Good girl!
Shim's 2nd run was EJ, and she came out *much* more confidently, and I proceeded to send her off course. Aaargh. We are struggling with steering at the moment, she is quite long striding and turns are *very* hard for her. We shall keep working on it..

So Team Crock still managed to pull off 1 win, can't complain! Vids below, once again thanks very much to Karen for shooting and uploading..

And, in other news, we have a new addition coming to the family shortly..

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