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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bits n Pieces

I haven't been doing much trialling since getting back from the nationals, did the Northern Suburbs trial on Sunday for Shim's first run in masters.. which she made a fairly good fist at, and picked up another leg and 1st place in Excellent Agility. Had Terra in for fun in the morning and apparently she doesn't need training.. 1st in masters jumping. No tape this time.
Ink had a run in the last ADAA trial just to see what she would do.. exactly what I thought! Stuck with me, turned nicely, focussed.. and not very forward moving *sigh*.  We will keep working on it..hopefully with age comes some more confidence. She is VERY soft so this is something we are constantly working on.
I am coming more and more to the opinion that the dog either has it or it doesn't.. I think you can improve what is there but it probably has to be there in the first place. We'll see. Happy to be proved wrong on that one! Here are Ink's couple of runs:

Its going to be a while before she trials in ANKC because her dog walk broke.. was fine one minute and then she started leaping off the next! The problem with Sylvia's method is you can't be completely sure what they are learning.. so that is currently being retrained using another method.

I have also been playing with this young lady:

She has grown up beautifully and is LOTS of fun! No problems with forward drive here ;) Rosi has decided she wants to be an agility dog, so we will see where it takes us. Not easy given she doesn't live with me, but I did it with Terra so I daresay I can do it again.. we will have a go anyway, as long as she keeps wanting to train. Plenty for me to be getting on with!

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