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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Success at the ADAA States

Terra, Shimmer and I had fun at the ADAA state trial on Friday night and Saturday during the day. It was a really well run trial with a very friendly atmosphere, great judges, good courses and great prizes. It was also pretty successful for my two girls. I am pleased to say that Terra is now...

2012 Reg-Maxi Snooker Champion
2012 Reg-Maxi Gamblers Champion
2012 Reg-Maxi All Around Champion

She ran really well, also received runner up in the biatholon. She was full of spark this weekend, being *exceedingly* pushy on her contacts and jumping smoothly with good power off the ground and into turns. I am not sure she wants to be semi retired..

Shimmer, not to be outdone, managed:

2012 Reg-Midi Snooker Champion
2012 Reg-Midi Jumping Champion
2012 Reg-Midi All Around Champion

I was happy with her jumping rounds, but, as expected, her contacts weren't great. I have somehow managed to completely confuse her by training a stop as well as a straight run and directionals, and it showed on her contacts all weekend. She also either flew off the see saw, or crawled it. So, work to be done there. She didn't feel any faster on the lower height, nor did she turn any better, but she didn't drop any bars (unsurprisingly, as the jumps were 10cm shorter). I don't plan on doing a lot of ADAA with her, but when I do I think I will run her at 400 as I am not comfortable asking her body to do any more than that.
Both Shim and Terra are in the next trial (Terra NFC in the agility to remind her stopping on contacts is not optional..) and then Ink will have a go with Shim and Sonic in the teams event in a couple of weeks.

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