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Sunday, September 16, 2012

MORE broken dogs..

I suppose its been all of a few months since one of my crew was broken, and goodness knows we can't have that. As Mike says *insert heavy sarcasm* it gives me something to do.
Ink pulled up lame from grabbing a toy a few weeks ago, and I felt it was her back, so I took her to be checked out. She got the all clear at that stage, so I did a little bit with her, including running in the fun teams event, but had a gut feeling she wasn't right. This was reinforced by the day after the team event when she looked really awkward jumping. On palpation I was again suspicious of the iliopsoas muscle on her RHS, so I booked her in to have an ultrasound with Dr Rebecca Lonsdale. She had that on Friday, and, as I suspected, she has strained her iliopsoas. Very annoying, requires lots of rest and controlled activity and obviously no agility. Was hoping to use the rest of this year to reinforce her understanding of all the equipment ready to start properly at the end of the year/beginning of next year. Now she will be out for the rest of the year. Very frustrating for all concerned (she is NOT a fan of the leash walks at all.. and she has at least 4-6 weeks to go without any free running).

Anyway. On the positive side, I still have Shim and Rosi to train, and Terra is coming out for the odd run here and there. She is telling me loud and clear she doesn't want to be retired, winning both masters events at the recent gosnells trial, with no training at all.

 Shim's contacts are starting to really come together in the ring now, which is a good feeling. Her straight DWs are looking confident, with good foot work and speed, and her AFs and See Saws are also improved (when she doesnt try and do them in one hit.. ho hum!) She has had a few runs in masters jumping now, and whilst she hasn't been clear, she hasn't been overwhelmed and shut down either so I am pleased with that.

Rosi continues to be a blast to train, she is powerful and forward moving but not very smart.. so we progress at a slower rate but I am really enjoying her. I am debating at the moment what to do with her contacts..head is telling me do a STOP on the DW but the heart is pulling me towards a run.. they are a complete blast when they finally come together! She has just started her weavers and is starting to do some basic sequences with her jumps. All going well she will be out in the ring sometime next year.

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