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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun with the Red Dog

Rosi and I have been thoroughly enjoying our agility training, and she is starting to feel more like a 'proper' agility dog. She continues to be really good fun, a confident, happy and very drivey girl. She also has a really nice temperament with people and other dogs which unfortunately isn't that common in the border collie world!
She has just finished one month of weave training (twice a week), using the 2x2s. Such a nice method. She has picked it up incredibly quickly and is already weaving 12 poles in a straight line. I am pleased with her style as well. I will leave her weavers probably until next year. See vid below (1st ever time weaving 12 poles!)

We had another 1st when we went up to Aunty Karen's, to use her 1/2 size dog walk. Her stopped contact is coming along nicely, although there is still work to do as the target needs to be faded. At this stage she has a nose touch, however I might fade this out. We'll see! Thanks to Karen for taping. Again, 1st time on the DW.

We are going to have to do a *LOT* of work on her jumping. Like a lot of fast dogs, she isn't particularly concerned with the bars falling, and I need to equip her with the skills she needs to be able to do the job she so wants to do! So for the next month or so until I leave, that will be our focus. She is a lot better with jumps in a straight line now, however add my movement in and its all over red rover (ha-literally!)
Her A Frame is also a work in progress. That will be running, and we are experimenting with different methods at the moment. Not 100% happy with any of them. Watch this space..

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