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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Royal Show

Another royal show has been and gone... normally quite a good trial for me. I enjoy the atmosphere (although not the early rising!) and showcasing our sport to the public. My parents normally come and watch as well, which is nice, and the dogs tend to get amped up for the crowd.

First up this year was the Big Dog, in excellent agility. All was going well, with me managing to get where I needed to be with the contacts, and her doing her job and getting them. Until we got to the weavers, where she had an uncharacteristic pop-out. I was surprised at the time, but would find the reason out later. She then faded out on me for a second after the see-saw, which was even stranger. I finished the course a bit puzzled.

Terra-Bear was up next, with a very nice run in masters jumping. I was not happy with her call on the see saw but there you go. Judges decision is final. She did a nice job on the rest of the course, and had the fastest time. She also did a nice run in masters jumping, not as fast, but clear, and won the class (a repeat of last year). A very exciting packet of flea prevention and tuckertime  was then mine (yes really, that's all we won!) Shim had a go at MJ but shot off into an off course tunnel across my feet. She finished the course seemingly happy, with me laughing.
Vid below

The next morning, Shim pulled up lame. Very very lame on her right hind. I checked her over, and it turned out she had strained her quad. Looking at the video, and knowing a bit about anatomy, I suspect she did it in the weavers. Poor dog! So she has been doing a lot of this:

And quite a bit of this:
                                       (staring at other dogs playing while she walks on lead)

And Ink? Well... she HAD the all clear to start running/low level training again, but yelped when doing some upright work. *sigh* So she is back to not being an agility dog again. Her psoas actually feels pretty good to me, she is tolerating full stretching of the muscle without showing any discomfort. Inkle Tinkle. Such a strange little dog. Hopefully she comes back from her holiday at the farm a new doglet, ready to go!

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