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Sunday, November 29, 2015

3.5 weeks old

Boring post with no pics!
Pups had their 1st exposure to children yesterday. I live on a park, and they have junior cricket on Sunday mornings. I had a hunch that if I walked out of my gate with the babies in my arms I would be mobbed.. and I was. The kids were very good, we sat in a circle and played pass the puppy. Kids pick was Fleet, they all loved her. Cricket is likely to be continuing a bit longer, so that's my child socialization sorted.
They are definitely more mobile on their feet.. and Mist and Uber have started 'running' (of a sort, for about 3 strides!) Rosi is starting to play with them.. I have seen her play a very gentle 'bitey face' with Styx twice now. She is being such a good girl with them.
All pups are playing with the toys I have strung up. They are having regular outside time, and Mike has just returned from Bunnings to constuct an outside pen for them as I think they will be ready for that in a few days. I caught Styx having a lick out of Rosi's food bowl yesterday so I think on Thursday they will be ready for some food! Their teeth are definitely in, poor Red dog.

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